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Updated: May 8, 2020

We are pleased to be working with Exyo on the Balance Active device, which is a portable, static frame for practising safe, active standing

Balance Active (BA) addresses people’s loss of balance, lower-limb strength and function due to ageing, stroke or neurological disorders and could provide enormous benefit to over 65s, and NHS/social-care services once it has been fully developed. Covid-19 means over 65s are less active and being hospitalised or on bedrest where they otherwise wouldn't be. Other inpatients are experiencing reduced rehabilitation / outcomes and/or delayed discharge. This includes people with chronic conditions who desperately need BA such as Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis. Reduced contact time, remote rehabilitation and self-management driven solutions are critical to meeting this widening rehabilitation gap. Balance active could also address large follow up care gaps by preventing falls at home post-discharge. Also, individuals isolating at home or in care-homes and those with chronic conditions, need more opportunities to participate in meaningful and social exercise. Once developed fully to address the above issues, BA could reduce staff requirements so more patients can be seen, alleviate wasted bed-days, and impact ageing, prevention, mental health, care quality, and longstanding unmet needs; all key to the NHS 10-year plan. Exyo has been working with Sheffield Neuro Physio since August 2019 finalising aspects to the design as well as gathering usability test and clinical follow up data with regard to future potential use changes. Sheffield Neuro Physio’s service provision changes in response to Covid-19 have enabled exyo access to key insights into use in real Covid-19 scenarios. These insights will be used to develop the Balance Active line and realise its full potential as an essential recovery and prevention tool impacting at-risk patients and health staff nationwide and beyond.

Here are some links if you would like to explore this further: Social:

Exyo website:

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