" Having spent years under NHS services, I never thought I would ever have faith in physios again, until I came across Emma. I left my first appointment with Emma in tears of happiness, and hope. Unlike the NHS, Emma has a non clinical approach and you don't feel like just a number. Since working with Emma I have achieved things with my walking that I never thought possible. Her techniques and exercises are different to what I have been used to, but they work. I can apply them to everyday tasks which I would usually struggle with. Given time and practice the results are visible which makes it all worthwhile. Improving my walking has also improved my confidence and self worth. I wish I had stumbled across Emma sooner, I would highly recommend her". 

BM, Sheffield 
8 September 2013

"When I moved to Sheffield two years ago and needed to find a new neuro-physiotherapist I was very lucky to find Emma. Emma is extremely skilled and has helped me considerably to manage my disabilities which were caused by a stroke. Even though the stroke occurred over 17 years ago, Emma is able to identify better ways of managing my physical problems and achieving improvements. As a consequence I feel that I am still able to progress even after all this time. Emma has the ability to see and feel where my problems stem from and provide useful and helpful therapy; she has also helped with other problems which were not related to my stroke. I think it would be hard to find a better physiotherapist and I hope to remain one of her patients for as long as she practices".

Janet Walker
14th February 2013

"I have received nothing but exceptional treatment & good advice as to what exercises and routines I needed to develop. Not only this but due to Emma's obvious expertise, I was able to remain incredibly informed as to what each treatment consisted of and how my family could replicate this treatment at home. I would have no hesitation recommending her ahead of all the other eleven physios who have assisted me in rehab."

Rory, Sheffield

I have been asked to put into a couple of sentences what it was like working with Emma and Rachel, and what physiotherapy has helped me achieve. This is very difficult to do - how do you sum up something that has been so beneficial to my overall rehab in a couple of sentences!

When I came to see Emma and Rachel I had been having treatment for 18 months and didn’t feel I was getting anywhere. I had pain problems,movement problems, cognitive problems,balance problems - I was unable to sleep on either of my sides. All of which feed into my overall mood which was very low.

Right from when I meet them both for the first time I felt they really had an understanding of my problems, which we have worked through together. I always looked forward to our sessions which would give me a great boost as they both were always so positive about how things we’re going to turn out.

Everything has improved beyond what I thought was possible - and I can now sleep on either side (hurrah!) and even ride my bike for a few hours without trouble.

SC 2018 Thanks again Ladies !

I was fortunate to find Emma when I needed a new physiotherapist when I 
moved to Sheffield and she has been treating me at home now for 7 
years.  I find Emma’s holistic approach enables her to both understand 
and treat my needs, which are complex due to having a serious back 
problem and the long-term effects of a severe stroke. Emma is very 
knowledgeable and looks for new ways and new solutions where she thinks 
they may be helpful, and she has kept me as mobile as possible by her 
friendly and effective physiotherapy. J  W 2018

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