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Neurological Rehabilitation

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We have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in treating neurological conditions. Our collective aim is to work with you to optimise your potential and enable you to reach your goals.


We use a range of techniques and methods, drawing on our experience, to ensure we are using the techniques that will benefit you the most.

We are also able to offer hydrotherapy, based in Sheffield.

“I find Emma’s holistic approach enables her to both understand and treat my needs, which are complex due to having a serious back problem and the long-term effects of a severe stroke.”

Conditions we treat:



Parkinson's Disease

Traumatic and acquired brain injury

Facial Palsy

Varied neuromuscular conditions

Spinal cord injury

It doesn’t matter what the background of your neurological condition is. We treat people who have come to the end of their rehabilitation with the NHS, but want a little more. We treat people alongside NHS services and are happy to liaise with NHS colleagues to ensure seamless care. And we treat people during and after an insurance claim through a case management company.

“I left my first appointment with Emma in tears of happiness, and hope. Emma has a non- clinical approach and you don't feel like just a number.”

We are focussed on promoting self-management. We will provide you with a specialised, tailored exercise programme for you to continue with in between sessions. This is reviewed regularly to make sure it continues to be beneficial.


If you would like to talk to us about your neurological condition, please get in touch. We would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

0r phone us on 07811 142276

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