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Meet the team


Emma Richards

Hi I’m Emma. I set up Sheffield Neuro Physio in 2008 because I wanted create an ethical physio service that would enable clients to meet inspirational goals. My interest is treating people with complex neurological presentations and optimising their rehabilitation potential through holistic, client centred interventions.


Stephanie Ward

Hi, I’m Steph. I have extensive specialist experience in treating people following stroke, head injuries and other neurological conditions. My interest is in assessing and treating neurological conditions through movement analysis and specialist handling to achieve functional, patient led goals. I am also a fully certified APPI Pilates instructor.


Sue Jackson

Hi I’m Sue. I have specialist experience in working with people with a range of conditions, including stroke, head injury, MS and adults with cerebral palsy. I enjoy supporting clients to achieve their goals and regain their independence, using a holistic and client-led approach to physiotherapy.


Ruth Pugh

Hi I’m Ruth. My interest is working with patients with neurological conditions and assisting them to reach their rehabilitation potential.  I use an eclectic approach including hands on facilitation and exercise prescription to help patients to achieve their therapeutic goals and optimise their level of function. 


Lucy Stephens

Hi I’m Lucy. I enjoy helping patients to understand their respiratory condition better to improve their self management, whether this is an acute episode or longer term condition. I am also passionate about ensuring movement and activity are central to a patient's rehabilitation and recovery.


Rachel Young

Hi, I’m Rachel. I have specialist experience in treating a range of neurological conditions. I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals and have an interest in supporting people in exploring activity options that suit their individual goals and preferences. I am currently studying towards a doctorate focussed on accessible exercise following stroke.


Anna Ambler

Hi, I’m Anna. I work as a therapy assistant with Sheffield Neuro Physio. My interest is in helping client’s achieve their personal goals through fitness and by accessing activities in the community.


Victoria Dugdale

Hi I’m Victoria. I am the accounts manager for Sheffield Neuro Physio. If you have any queries regarding invoices or payments, please get in touch.

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