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Case Managers


Our team at Sheffield Neuro Physio are specialists in neurological rehabilitation. We have a wide range and depth of experience with varied neurological conditions across many different settings.

We are able to offer individualised assessment and goal centred treatment. This often takes place in client's homes to optimise function. But we also take therapy out of the home to various settings depending on each individual's goals. This could be attending the gym, going swimming or out walking, or even climbing, paddle boarding and skiing. We thrive on working towards aspirational goals.

Our ethos is to provide ethical, specialist and bespoke physiotherapy.

We are all experienced working as part of a multidisciplinary team, including alongside case managers, to optimise patient outcomes.

We understand the importance of the client-therapist relationship and will strive to match the appropriate therapist to the client depending on their needs and location.

We have a good understanding of the legal process and maintain accurate and timely records in accordance with HCPC and CSP guidance.

We are all DBS checked and our GDPR statement is available on request.

Please do get in touch if you would like any additional information or to discuss a particular client.

0r phone us on 07811 142276

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